The way to the Floater

How to enjoy Floater fishing?
The answer is in these pages!


Generally, floater is made of rubber tube and nylon cover. There are some variations about options (air bag, side pocket, apron, suspender, and rod folder).

Hi-chest type wader

Hi-chest type is need to Floater fishing. There are two types of toe. One is boot type, and another is stockings type. These forms relate to type of fin. Boot type fit for strap-type fin, and stocking type fit for shoes-type fin.

Life jacket

You must put on life jacket on floater. If go down, no one can swim without life jacket. Check point of life jacket is position of pocket. Waist pocket can't use, because the pocket is wet in floater fishing.


It moves the floater. There are two types of fin. One is strap type, and another is shoes type. These forms relate to type of wader's toe. Strap type fit for boot-type toe, and shoes type fit for stockings-type toe.

Electrical pump

Electrical pump is better than foot pump.

Fix a flat kit & Air stopper remover

If pin holed your floater, you can fix by the kit. Air stopper remover is need for air release.

Cap & Sun-grasses

Tackle box

Food & Water


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