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  • Internet_Bass_Magazine
  • My favorite WWW page for Bassing. The page contain some English text.
  • King of the Hill Fly Fishing

    Floater shop on the web!

  • Virtual North!

    Canadian Fishing site. Let's explore!

  • Festering Five +1!

    Rich's web page in Ohaio! What's up Festering Five +1

  • The Golden Age of Angling

    Classic and New Angling Books and Prints shop on the web!
  • Castaic Lure Company

    Big & beautiful lures! Are huge basses caught by the big lures?

  • Fishman's bass fishing site

    Great web site for bassing! Many informations & pictures are here.

  • Rudy's Alaska Fishing and Snowmobiling Page!

    Rudy's salmon fishing page!

  • Scientific Bass Products

    Fishing page in Arizona!

  • Fishing Teaxas

    Information about Teaxas Lure Fishing here!

  • Swanny's Bass Guides

    Fishing guides in Florida!

  • Carpe Carpio Apparel Design

    Cool T's in here!

  • B&B Charters Worldwide Fishing Adventures

    Fishing information Mexico and other countries are here!

  • Hook! Hook! Hook! Information about worm hooks is here.

  • Scientific Bass Production

    Information of products and bassing are here!

  • Barlow's Tackle Shop

    Information of products and bassing are here!

  • Australian Sportsfishing Consultants

    Information of Australian fishing are here!

  • Kokoro Guide & Transport

    Fishing & outdore guide in Wyoming!

  • Jack's Western Fly Fishing and Outdoors Photo Album

    Jack's trout fly fishing page. He also likes fishing on a float tube!

    Web pages wrote in Japanese.

    If you can understand Japanese, try Japanese Fishing pages! Even if you can't understand Japanese, pictures in the pages give you information. You can feel Japanese anglers' enthusiasm from the pages.

  • FISHLAND ON LINE Fishing shop in north island of Japan, Hokkaido. Including many pictures.

  • Fish ON! Datte's Home page. Including many pictures.

  • Bass Gas Expansion Sugawara's Home page. Including many shockwave.

  • X-file na hibi Sakuma's Home page.

  • Fishing gourmet Fishing Chat in Japan.

  • Stairway to fisherman's heaven Shinoda's home page.

  • BASS MAN Konno's home page. Including many shockwave.

  • Hiro's Bass Fishing Page Including some English text.

  • Fun_Bass Fishing Chat in Japan.

  • Pro shop HAZE Float tube shop in Japan.

  • Hadome no tsuri Suzuki's home page. Including many links.

  • Bassfishing Oba's home page.

  • Lure & Fly fishing paradise Including information lure & fly fishing.

  • Gedaugh land Jingu's home page. Including many pictures.

  • Proshop Kasahara Fishing shop in Japan.

  • Bass & Herabuna Bassing & Crucianing in Kagawa. Ishikawa's home page.

  • Nakayama's Bassing Page Nakayama's home page.

  • Koiuchi's Bassing Home Page Koiuchi's Bassing Home Page.

  • TSC Home Page The home page of Team Super Critical.

  • HIRAME news Fishing news in Japan.

  • AMENBO DO! Another Floater Site.

  • LURE FISHING DAISUKII He is a junior high school student.

  • Team Taka-B Hanamura's home page.

  • Team Wate-To Top-water freak in here!

  • Sun Trip Party Appen's home page.

  • Fushigi-na-katamari Takahashi's home page.

  • TakaQ's home page TakaQ's home page.

  • Gokuraku Ohtsu Naoko's home page.

  • PRIME_PLUGGIN' Taramy's home page.

  • Maizuru Biological Institute Tsuji's home page. He is a fish breeder.

  • Man-maru no daiboukenn Iida's home page.

  • Izu hanto no tsuri Yamamoto's home page.

  • Designers Gallery Koukata's home page.

  • Ikasas Ikuy Marvelous World Ikuy's home page.

  • Bass Academy Yodo's home page. It's academic!

  • Naoto's page Yoshino's home page.

  • Fishing shop Okatani This page is including flesh & salt water fishing topics.

  • Bass at random This page is including floater topics.

  • Kimu's Home Page This page is including floater topics.

  • Gizie no Tamatebako This page is including floater topics.

  • JerryFishFeeder This page is including floater & fly topics.

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