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New wave from the web.

A campaign was started on the web. The campaign is "We love nature & fish". The aims of the campaign are clean up field & manner up fisher. The campaign was promoted by five web page owners. Now over 150 persons are joining the campaign. Do you love Nature & Fish? If you say No, you must leave your rod & don't go fishing again.
by Kiyo Feb. 9th 1997

The next is Smally.

Recently, new fish called 'Harmful fish' arrived in Japan. The fish is Small mouth bass. The man who works in department of fisheries said that 'Small mouth bass is more harmful fish than Large mouth bass, because they can live in mountain stream and eat many minnows.' There is no formal record of migration of the small. But, I heard that 'A few fisherman society was secretly released the small to invite many sports fishers.' I think 'The small is harmful or not, they are innocent .'

Is cool the bassing on float tube?

Picture of the float bassing has been used in a commercial of cigarette in Japan. The picture is beautiful and cool. The eyes of the Japan for the floater have changed from strange to cool since the picture was broadcasted.

My page was printed in a Japanese Bass mag!

My page was carried on July issue of the Basser, most famous Japanese Bass mag. My page was introduced as interesting bass page. I'm very happy! I hope that more visitor will come.

Float tube will be major item

The float tube was used in a Japanese movie. Many people knew existence of the float tube by the movie. In fact, population of float fisher is increasing this a couple of month. I think that the float tube is convenient item in Japan, because Japanese field is relatively small and the tube requires only little space in home.

Coming Bassing boom!

Last year, bassing population increased rapidly in Japan. Japanese bassing fields were overpopulation everywhere. The fields were high presser because of the overpopulation. However, the increase can't stop this year.

There is rubbish in Japanese fields.

The increase of attention-less basser devastated the fields. Many lure packages, lines, and cans were observed in the field. Why do they dump the rubbish in the field? Why can not they love the nature? I can't under stand.

Is Bass harmful fish?

In Japanese field, fresh water products were decreased in recent year. Japanese fishermen say "Bass is harmful fish" and "Bass eats our fish." Because Bass isn't native Japanese species. Bass was migrated from US to Japan at 1925. Release of Bass was limited in Kanagawa prefecture. However, Bass was smuggled into other aria of Japan. Bass is observed in many arias of Japan today. The decrease was happened by only Bass? I think No! The decrease was happened mainly by water pollution and lost of spawning place by shoreline protection works. However, fishermen think the cause is Bass, and they try remove Bass from their fields. I think that Bass is harmful or not, removing of Bass is impossible. They can success only when all fishes eradicated.

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