Fishing diary

  • Jan/11/1997 Trolling in Costa Rica
  • Jan/15/1997 Wandering in Florida
  • Apr/5/1997 The first float bassing of 1997
  • Apr/12/1997 The name is "Tou-gen-kyo"
  • Apr/13/1997 6th IBMRC
  • May/3/1997 Float bassing in "Tou-gen-kyo"
  • May/17/1997 We are enjoying the paradise!
  • May/31/1997 This was not "Shangri-La"
  • Jun/7&8/1997 "Smally" come back!
  • Jun/14&15/1997 Smally Smally
  • Jun/28 &29/1997 Smally in the typhoon
  • Aug/3/1997 Floater rush in Togenkyo
  • Oct/10/1997 Revive to Togenkyo Togenkyo

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