Advantages & disadv. of Floater

Advantages of the Floater

  • Can fish in the area that never fish from shore.
    Just like boat fishing?
    Floater is more silent than boat.
    So, we can approach to the points more tight.
    And cheaper than boats!

  • Can enjoy fights!
    Because our eyes are nearing to the surface of the water.
    There's nothing like top-water fight on the Floater.

  • Can enjoy a nap!
    When birds are chirping near the wild pond, napping on the floater make you happy.
    As though in the heaven!
    But, caution for drifting!

    Disadvantages of the Floater

  • Hard to move!
    The upper half of the body is looked elegant, but the lower half is busy.
    And I never think to move by my car for other pond, because the floater was wetted.

  • Weak for wind, current & rain!
    The Floater is easy to drift by wind & current.

  • Can't troubleshoot by myself!
    If burst your Floater or lost only one of your fin, this is power of the floater, you can't troubleshoot by yourself.
    Do not go Floater fishing alone, or the Floater fisher will be the Floater!

  • Difficult to make water!
    You must landing to shore and take off your wader, if you want to make water.

    By all the reasons, the Floater is a best item for wild-pond fishing.
    Why don't you buy the Floater?

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